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(From “Sherman Friedland’s Clarinet Corner” website 2/17/09
Dear Mr. Friedland,
I have a clarinet that used to belong to my father (who died in 2004), and he had strokes and did not play it for at least seven years before that. It is a LeBlanc clarinet that he bought used in 1981. It says “Dynamic 2” on it. It also has a name engraved on the side, “Jack Maheu,” who I believe used to be a great Dixieland player (as was my dad).
My kids don’t want to learn how to play it, and I play flute. Is this clarinet worth something? Since it hasn’t been played in a while it is it probably not good anymore as a musical instrument. A friend of mine tried it out a few years ago and she said it sounded like a good instrument.
I would appreciate any information you might have, and if you have recommendations for me, I would appreciate that too.
Thank you,
You’re correct. He was a very well known clarinetist who played with many many great bands and players, notably the Salt City Six and Eddie Condon. Concerning your Leblanc Dynamic 2, it could have been his instrument of choice as many players used the Leblanc Dynamic,. an excellent instrument with a big bore which has the reputation of being excellent for Jazz playing.
If, in fact,the horn belonged to Jack Maheu, you may rest assured that is is worth considerably more than an ordinary Leblanc Dynamic 2.
It would depend upon how the clarinet is marketed and where.
Best of luck.
Dear Mr. Friedland,
A while back you received a note from “GK” regarding a “Leblanc Dynamic 2? which was onced owned by Jack Maheu.
You were correct in describing Jack as “a very well known clarinetist.”
For the past 44 years, Jack has and continues to be my inspiration and mentor and I consider Jack to be one of the finest jazz clarinetists ever.
The Leblanc “GK’s” father had is likely the last Leblanc Jack played on.
Jack played a Leblanc for many years (since the early 50’s) until sometime around “1980ish” when Jack eventually switched to a Buffet.
I remember it was during this time when I would go to Syracuse, NY to hear Jack and we would “talk shop” and he was asking about the Buffet I was playing on. It was comical because at the same time I was thinking about switching over to a Leblanc!
A number of years later when Jack came back to the area he showed up with a Buffet. Jack was still using a Buffet in 2003 when we played together in Syracuse and as far as I know since talking to Jack last week, he still has it.
Ron Joseph