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Meet The Critics


“ I am most happy to recommend the Salt City Five 100 percent both talent-wise and because you are a real nice bunch of guys to work with.”
Arthur Godfrey - 1952 (You can hear the band on the Arthur Godfrey Show in the Music Section).

“The Salt CIty Five, here at the Blue Note in Chicago for their second trip in over a month, prove beyond a doubt that they have what it takes to be one of the better Dixieland groups in the country.  They have a beat and a sound, blended with a youthful exuberance, that can’t be matched. The crowd loved it.”
RIchard Schickel, Variety - 1953

‘The canny management of the Dunes has brought in the Salt City Five. Individually these men are outstanding musicians. Collectively, they play a lot of Dixieland in a quiet, subdued manner but has a solid bounce and excellent musical arrangement.”
Freddie Whiteman, Las Vegas Press

“Kleinhans Music Hall was just large enough to hold the crowd  for the Salt City Six and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra - an infrequent happening this summer.”
Buffalo Evening News, August 13, 1958 (You can hear the concert in the Music Section)

“The most consistently popular jazz in the U.S. is played neither by the young men with beards nor by the aging heroes of early jazz mythology. Instead, it is pumped and pounded out by Dixieland outfits  - Turk Murphy’s Band, the Salt City Six, Bob Scobey’s Frisco Band -which draw nostalgic fans to hear new crackling arrangements of old fancies.”
TIME Magazine,  June 6, 1960

“They are geared up often explosively, sometime humorously or with rueful sweetness without diluting any of the old songs’ nostalgic flavor. Tricky changes of pace increase the crew’s powerful drive in ingenious improvisations. Maheu’s clarinet has a moon-soaring clarity.”
Glenn Pullen, Cleveland Plain Dealer, February 28, 1962

“This is not only the best edition to date of this ensemble but far the best band we have had in months . It has polish, it has spirit, it has a welcome dearth of hokum. All of them jelling into one of the  most engaging Dixieland bands I can recall having heard.”
Patrick Scott, Toronto Globe and Mail, April 30, 1966  

“The musical  abilities  represented in the Salt City Six are such that, if the big bands were still around, these players would all be featured soloists.”
George Hoefer, Down Beat columnist, November 17, 1966

“The Salt City Six is one of the few professional traveling Dixieland groups left in the business. The concentrate on a solid front line assembly that really takes off.  And their  repertoire appeals to anyone with a melodic sense. We heard them last spring on Channel 2’s Jazz show and they were only great.”  
William Buchanan, The Boston Globe, October 20, 1966. (You can hear the program in the “Music” section).

“It isn’t often this reviewer will make predictions, but with the Salt City Six we are forced to say - they will be the most popular Dixieland band in America before long - and maybe Europe as well. Their “Dixieland at the Roundtable” for Roulette Records is getting a tremendous play at our house.”
Gerald M. Healey, Springfield Sunday Republican  (You can enjoy the album in the music section).

"This is probably the top band in the country and they rarely come this way. They can be heard on Jubilee and Roulette records but this vicarious pleasure is not quite the same as being in the same room with them." 
Winsor French, Cleveland Press, April 13, 1966

"The Salt City SIx is a delight at The Colonial. Jack Maheu, clarinet and leader, is a highly gifted musician who produces the only ingredient that is essential to jazz: a happy sound.
Warren Gerard, Toronto Globe and Mail, December 13, 1966