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Bob Cousins was there when it all began. He was a drummer in the Syracuse University Marching Band ("100 men and a girl") in the early 50's. As "Cuz" recalls the historic moment,  "We were taking a break in the nighttime formation rehearsal when my friend, Jack Maheu and I began fooling around with  'After You've Gone' with field drum and clarinet ! A trumpet player (Don Hunt) wandered over and joined in, contributing to the extemporaneous effort with wonderful time-oriented phrasing and great wit. A trombonist wandered over whom I heard with Joe Caterino's big band and had been greatly impressed.  Will Alger's playing was consistently exciting, highly individual and slavishly devoted to correct ensemble playing. Thus was the first Salt City Five front line born."That sumrner Jack went out with PeeWee Hunt'sband  but, back in school in the fall, the Five began to obtain some engagements. Living across the street from Don was a piano player named Charlie French who knew Don as well as Jack through the School of Music. Charlie had heard Jack, Will and Don playing on a float during the prior Spring Weekend festivlties. In the fall, Charlie began to join the others on some of those early jobs. He was a waiter at a Gay-90's club called Memory Lane. He persistenfly asked management if the band could use the club for Sunday aftemoon jam sessions. His persistency paid off and a date was set. The guys made up their own advertising flyers which they spread throughout the area. The fateful day was in January 1952 and, as the band sat in the downstairs dressing room, they did not know what to expect. Memory Lane was jammed packed that Sunday and would be every Sunday that the " Salt City Five" would appear.   As the word spread, the Five found work at clubs and at nearby colleges. Charlie French arranged for the band to have a regular engagement at the Club Dana in Oneida. Colgate students attended the Wednesday night sessions and that included Arnie Koch. He was able to arrange an audition in NYC  for the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout Show. The audition was on a Tuesday.  Godfrey, who was a dixieland jazz fan, happened to wander in and said, even if they lost, he wanted them on his Arthur Godfrey and His Friends tv show. They won on Talent Scouts and were on the Friends tv show plus Godfrey's radio broadcasts.  That was June l952  just six months after the first Memory Lane session. And, as they say, "the rest is history".