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t's wonderful to report that Donald Hunt, the remaining member of the original Salt Five, is living at the
Wayne County Nursing Home in Lyons, N. Y. with his wife Margie where they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary last August. It was attended by brother, Dick, several sons and daughters, 9 grandchildren, spouses and 6 great grandchildren. The Lock 52 Jazz Band, comprised of some of Don’s long-time jazz friends, including Johnny Russo and Dick Sheridan, provided the entertainment. Don became "the original Salt City Five still playing” when he joined them on the kazoo. Who cares about technicalities ? I hope he played “Margie” while someone sang the lyrics:
My little Margie
I'm always thinking of you
Margie, I’ll tell the world I love you
Days are never blue
After all is said and done
There is only one. Oh!
Margie, Margie, it’s you.
I can remember how Don and the band would play “Margie" on a regular basis when they were at Childs Paramount in Times Square - and for good reason. During the two months at Childs, Don, Will Alger, Jack Maheu, and Charlie French stayed at my parent’s home in New Jersey. Margie was living in upstate N.Y. and Don would drive to see his bride on his day off and come back the next day to start at Childs. They also played “Margie” on "Arthur Godfrey and His Friends” tv and radio program after winning the Talent Scouts. Margie must have enjoyed the long distance serenade.
Coincidentally, “Margie” was written by J.Russell Robinson years before he happened to hear the Five at Childs and fell in love with them. He ended up paying for the demo record that resulted in the Jubilee Record contract. Among his other compositions was the jazz standard "Eccentric” written in 1912. “Dynamite Rag” and “Margie” were written while he was with the Original Dixieland Jazz Band in.“Eccentric” and “Dynamite Rag” are on the Jubilee album. "Margie" has been recorded by Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Benny Goodman, Al Jolson, Cab Calloway, Gene Krupa, and Fats Domino. "Margie" was also a "specialty" of John Coltrane.