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In a May1995 issue, the Mississippi Rag cover story by Tom Jacobsen on Jack Maheu, Jack described the Salt City Five’s many trips many to Nick’s in the Village after their Childs Paramount gig to hear Phil Napoleon’s band which they greatly admired. According to Jack, “ When we’d come in about 12:30 a.m., they’d ask us to sit in. They were glad to see us as as they worked from 9 - 4 a.m.!
“ Don Hunt, our trumpet player, had an excellent ear. He would memorize all their arrangements and we would go back and practice and play them. We were learning, and that’s how we learned - by copying.
“Childs would also have Sunday afternoon jam sessions where they would bring in guest bands to play opposite us - Hackett, Dickenson, Wild Bill, Bechet, Russell, and on and on. At the end of each set, both bands would be on the bandstand. One time, they picked the band from Nick’s and here we were playing all their arrangements and their pianist/arranger Billy Maxted said, “You S.O.B.’s’”.
“The next time we visited Nick’s, Billy had worked out an arrangement of ‘Basin St. Blues’ in the key of D and he had it all written out with memorized figures. He turns around and looks at us and says, ‘Copy that one, you jerks.’ But, If you knew Maxted, you knew he was flattered. Actually, Maxted took one of our arrangements - I think it was ‘Maple Leaf Rag’- and said, ‘I hope you don’t mind.’ “