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Doug Overman

Jack and the World's Largest Sextet played a two week gig at the Royal Hotel in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario in the summer of 1976,and what a wonderful time it was.The pianist was Don Coates,one time with the Village Stompers in the early 60's,the others were Will Alger,Van Crowell,Bill Goodall,Eddie Davis,and Dave Mancini. I don't believe I missed a performance and even brought my then 12 year old son who we hid behind the piano.It was a licenced establishment. If I remember correctly,I think I recorded the matinee and must have the tape somewhere in the archives.Jack and I kept in touch for several years through the Eddie Condon stint in New York,and I last saw him in 1999 when we went on a luncheon cruise on the Natchez in N.O. and he was playing in the band.What a great re-union.We kept in touch sporadically,until I heard that he had suffered a stroke and had gone to live with his daughter in Florida.

I remember him as a splendid leader and clarinnetist ,and above all a true gentleman.