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        In early 1953, the band traveled to Puerto Rico to play at the NCO club at Ramey Air Force base. With the addition of bass player, Frank Frawley, It was now billed as the Salt City SIx.  Little did anyone know that Mr. Frawley suffered from entomophobia - the fear of bugs. A trip to a bug heaven  tropical climate for Frank must have been like someone with a fear of spiders going to see the film, “Arachnophobia”.  His roommate, pianist Al D’Lano, discovered Frank’s bug fixation their first night when Frank happened to see a cockroach (la cucarache) on the wall. Never one to miss some fun, Al suggested that Frank move his bed to the middle of the room so a bug couldn’t jump off the wall onto his bed. Frank took the suggestion and moved his bed.  

Al then increased Frank’s anxiety by warning that bugs could crawl across the floor and up the legs of the bed.  That caused Frank to put ashtrays under each leg and fill them with water.  “What if they can swim through the water or form a bridge like ants?”, warned Al. Whereupon, Frank smeared the legs with Baby Suntan lotion confident that the bugs would then be “slip sliden’ away” to their doom.  

Bob Cousins says it didn't end there. “Al pointed out that, although  spiders could not skinny up the oil-soaked legs, they could crawl up the wall, go over the ceiling above Frank's bed, and drop down on their victim.  

         After that warning, Frank probably slept under the mattress on the bare bed springs.