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Early in the early 50's, Don Hunt was playing with a band in Rochester (The Dixieland Ramblers), when they alternated sets with Louis Armstrong's band with combined front lines at the end.  As Don recalls, "Louis' upper lip had a definite and deep scar cut into it the size of a mouthpiece from using so much pressure. I marveled how he could play the upper range all the way to the end of a tune and hit a high C or higher and hold the note with that famous Louis quaver. He had IRON CHOPS - and a special embouchure !"

(In 1939, while having  a drink in the bar where he was playing, Wild Bill Davison was hit by a flying beer mug.  The mug split his lip so badly that the nerves were severed. It took weeks for the damage to heal so he could finally put the horn to the lip. Thereafter, he held his horn off center.)