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 Hello Carter, 

Though we haven’t had the pleasure (yet) I have had the distinct honor and pleasure meeting your Dad a few years back at the "Jaz at Caz" fest. I want to thank you and Arnie for a great site dedicated to what I consider to be one of "thee" best Dixieland jazz bands ever. 
Like you, I grew up to the sounds of The Salt City Six. Actually it started with the "Five" when my Dad heard the Jubilee recordings being played on jazz radio show out of Syracuse. The DJ for the jazz show was Skip Ferro. My Dad was immediately hooked and he called Skip to ask where he could buy the recording. Skip told my Dad he didn't believe the recording was still available but he would do what he could to find out where my Dad could get one. About a week later a package arrived in the mail. Skip had sent the station's LP. On the front he wrote: 
"The record is a little beat up but the music still lives! Best Wishes, Skip Ferro" 
At every opportunity my folks would make the drive from Rome to Syracuse to hear the 'Six." And like the postman, neither rain, sleet or snow.... on more than one occasion they made the trip despite a blinding snowstorm. To this day, at 89 yrs apiece, they remain loyal fans. 
At the time I was too young to make the trip. Like my Dad I first heard the "Five" on the radio but when the LP came I got a better listen and especially to Maheu. I was in awe then and 47 years later I'm still in awe. 
Jack has and continues to be my mentor and my inspiration. 
Last year I did a gig in Buffalo with bass player Dick Hull. During one of the breaks we called Jack. I got him laughing when I told him we were going to march out in the street at 3am playing the Rampart Street Parade like the "Six" used to do when they were at Spot's Grill on Wolf Street in Syracuse. 
I miss Jack. In my opinion there is no equal - and I seriously doubt there will ever be. 
Well I'm getting a tad wordy here so.... 
I hope at some point I have the opportunity to meet you and Arnie again so I can thank you both in person. 
So as my pal Skip Parsons always signs off "Until the next chorus...." 
Take care, 
Ron Joseph