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The Beginnings - by Pat Carroll, Editor, JASS

Bob Cousins was there when it all began. He was a drummer in the Syracuse University Marching Band ("100 men and a girl") in the early 50's. As "Cuz" recalls the historic moment,  "We were taking a break in the nighttime formation rehearsal when my friend, Jack Maheu and I began fooling around with  'After You've Gone' with field drum and clarinet ! A trumpet player (Don Hunt) wandered over and joined in, contributing to the extemporaneous effort with wonderful time-oriented phrasing and great wit.

Arthur Godfrey by Arnie Koch

In 1952, Arthur Godfrey dominated radio and tv with Talent Scouts on tv Monday evenings and Arthur Godfrey and His Friends on Wednesday evenings plus a radio program every weekday morning.