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The Intro

        Before the advent of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Doors, and Woodstock, the Salt City Five/Six was one of the nation’s premier dixieland jazz bands and appeared for 17 years in about every major jazz club. 

Through this web site, you will be able to go back to the last of that great jazz era through the lives and music of the original Salt City Five and Six. To last that long, they HAD to be good !


In the “The Musicians” section, are the names of over 100 musicians who helped provide the talent that sustained the band over several decades, plus biographies who those who became famous in their own right.


With musicians you must have music. In “The Music”, you can play individual songs from all the band’s albums, airtakes from national radio broadcasts, recordings made at leading jazz clubs with famous jazz artists joining in. 


At “The Gallery”, you can scroll through an impressive array of band photos, and promotional materials from famous clubs around the nation. In “The Manager’s Corner”, longtime manager, Arnie Koch and others, provide  some band history along with amusing stories of “life on the road” as only jazz musicians could experience.


For those who remember the band, and for those who may not, we provide the “Salt City Forum” for your memories  and suggestions.


Finally, there is “Looking Back” with feature articles about major engagements on tv, radio and nightclubs.

This extensive project would not have been possible without the hard work and computer graphic skills of Carter Koch.


Take your time. Enjoy, and come back often.


(New material is being added on a regular basis.  If you're not on the internet,

many local libraries provide internet access.  Just go to Google Search and insert:  www.